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Discription of Trimmer :

Fit Forever Beard trimmer that handles both beard and body hair. It works for both wet and dry shaving conditions. You can fully submerge it into water and thanks to a unique drain in the base it will always drain out and work fine the next time you want to use it.
One thing that makes this trimmer more convenient is the fact that there are no extra combs. A simple dial is all you need to adjust the comb. This eliminated the need for having to attach and detach any combs when you want to use a longer or shorter setting. Instead just adjust the dial to the length desired and the built-in comb sets the height needed for the beard length you want.
Features of Trimmer :

1- Brand new Product, Relaible Quality and Competitive Price.
2- Simple but Attractive Design, Easy to Handel and Assamble.
3- Ergonomic design for easier handling.
4- Light on the adaptor indicates when the battery is charging.
5- Worldwide voltage, no oil needed.
6- Detacheable head for easy cleaning.
7- It is easy to store, easy to travel with and offers a very quick charging option for the person who is on the go.


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