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Multi Execier



Discription of Multi Execier :

Fit Forever Multi Execier is amazing fitness and spa equipment. It is a premium massager which uses vibration and has multiple usages. It has become a new dimension in wellness industry being a product suitable to people of all ages, lifestyles and physique. It uses acceleration training principle to stimulate the body’s natural affinity and response towards vibration.
Multi Execier is a great machine to drive a regular wellness program easily in your lobby or even in your bed room as it takes very less space. It transmits waves of energy through vibrations all over the body and activates muscle contractions by taking short sessions of 15 minutes daily or 30 minute session thrice a week. It gives the body an additional strength, flexibility, improved muscle movement, stronger bones due to increased mineral density, decrease in cellulite and improved body stamina.
Features of Multi Execier :

1- Ultimate massager, provides great relaxation.
2- 100% Fat Reduction very effectively
3- Tones your muscles and helps in weight loss.
4- Tunes up the body to keep healthy and fit.
5- Improves muscle movements and range of motion.
6- Keeps the body naturally fit and beautiful.
7- Effectively releases stress and tension.
8- Stimulates and increase the body’s energy level.


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