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Leg & Foot Massager



Discription of Leg Massager Big:

Fit Forever Foot massage is specially designed for your legs, you will feel at ease and comfortable after massage. Enjoy massage every day at home, tighten your legs muscles, make your legs look more beautiful and more spiritual.
Have you ever wanted to return from work and just relax while having a full calves/foot massage? Even once a week? Well, YOU CAN HAVE IT DAILY!!!, 24 hrs. a day, while doing what ever fits better to you at that time.
This massager uses the newest technology designed specially to massage and relax your feet, ankles and calves.
These invigorating discs penetrates squeezing deeply into the muscles, improving circulation, releiving tension and energizing those tired muscles of your calves and foot.
It also comes with several pressure nodes located down under the soles of your feet, which stimulate those vital pressure points in this area.
Features of Leg Massager Big:

1- Three kinds of automatic massage functions, namely, leg shaping, and physical therapy, are available for you to choose as you like.
2- The intensity of the air pressure massage can be adjusted to be Strong, Medium and Weak.
3- The calf massage mechanism can be titled for 45 degrees backward according to the user’s sitting position. (90 degrees by default).
4- The calf massage mechanism can be moved upward or downward to adjust the height according to the length of the user’s calves with three ranges available (each range being 23mm and the total length being about 7cm).
5- The airbag massage for calves can fully relieve the aches of calves arising from walking or longtime standing.
6- The massage for sole, arch and bumps of heel can promote metabolism and increase flexibility.
7- The operating time of the machine is scheduled as 20 minutes.
8- The removable cover is equipped for the sake of cleanness and sanitation.
9- This product is designed with 34 airbags in total: 12 for the calf mechanism and 22 for the foot mechanism.


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