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Kolvin Face Massager



Discription of Kolvin Face Massager:

Fit Forever Kolvin Face Massager  Beautiful product for ladies and gents.This is easy to use and you can save money & Time by using this product you go tothe beauty parlour for facial and you have to give your time as well as nice amount for the facial .But buy our product so that you can save your time and money you can become beautiful by using this.
Features of Kolvin Face Massager:

1- Facial Care : Soft foam puff aids application of facial cream and lotion.
2- Head Massage : For relief in headache & tension.
3- Tummy Massage : For reducing weight & tummy ache
4- General Massager : For relaxing massage with magnet.
5- Body Manipulator : Large concentric rings give unique variable massaging action.
6- Ear Massage : For massage in ear & accupressure pain relief.
7- Accupressure Massage : For whole body massage through acupressure therapy.
8- Scalp Massager : Resilient, relaxes helps stimulate scalp & reduce dandruff.
9- Muscle Magnetic Stimulator : For relief in body pain, backache & muscleache.
10- It is the finest Massager available . Your Satisfaction is guaranteed.


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