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Eye Massager

Discription of Eye Massager:

Fit Forever Eye massager use advance design idea, 180 degree individuation new design and double air float massage mode, it is perfect match with temple massage, it imitate comfortable finger massage on eye and brain area so that you will feel comfortable and get health for eye and brain, and it is a new function eye massage product
People who sub-health, pouch clear, black eye ring, fishtail lines, eyes lost their glow and need to beauty and recover nature vigor eye area, get rig of pouch, black eye ring and fishtail lines.
Features of Eye Massager:

1- 100% brand new and high quality.
2- Improves blood circulation, eliminates eyestrain and eye muscle tension.
3- Helps insomniac to relax nerves and fall asleep.
4- Suitable for anyone who excessively use eyes, like IT workers, writers, accountants, students, etc.
5- It improve blood circulation on eyes.
6- Health protection to eyes.
7- Massage modes: Strong massager, moderate massager, soft massager, knead, soft knead, moderate knead, strong beat, soft beat, moderate beat.


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